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A complete, comprehensive and cost-effective BPO Finance as a Service (FaaS) solution for small, medium businesses and PEs, VCs and Family Office portfolio companies

FaaS at its best

  • Transformation:  Consultative approach in reengineering the processes and systems to optimize the F&A environment to the best fit for growth
  • Technology:  Technology enablement through use of best in class ‘cloud’ finance & accounting software
  • Controls:  Processes redefined with the right level of segregation between associates for an effective internal control environment
  • Transaction Processing:  Experienced bookkeeper type resources manage transactions - timely and accurately
  • Review & Recons:  CPA / CMA / CA type associates to periodically review, validate and reconcile core accounting and to close books timely
  • Financial Analysis:  FP&A managed by financial analysts with tech tools to provide intelligence to operations as well as investors, PE & VCs
  • Compliance Management:  With the right mix of specialists & industry associates in tax & payroll provides a full coverage of compliance management
  • Leadership:  F&A controllership provides the peace of mind to management & CFOs to concentrate on much needed strategic initiatives and growth
  • Special Projects:  Assistance in getting ready for financial audit, DD help, M&A or any other special F&A projects without impacting operational tasks

Technologies we use

Ideal F&A partner for PE, VC, FO

  • Proven successful with performance and deliverables
  • Can easily scale and meet the portfolio company (specific) needs
  • Independent but at the same time an integral part of the organization
  • Solution that can potentially save up to 35% than building internal teams
  • Integrated delivery approach to identify improvements & implement solutions
  • Financial intelligence designed for operations as well as investor focused metrics
  • Platform that provides a way for the internal leadership to really focus on strategic work

Industry: Technology

Revenue: $30M +
No of Employees: 200+

  • Completely replaced incompetent F&A team and broken processes
  • Played a key role in enabling growth from $19M to $30M+ in 2 years
  • Advisory role in strategically positioning the group to diversify into other industry offerings
  • Empowered the business with good financial intelligence and compliance management

Industry: Aviation – FBO

Revenue: $8M +
No of Employees: 40 +

  • Processes and systems redefined to enable remote management of F&A with appropriate controls and information flow
  • Assisting the organization in F&A due diligence and future acquisition opportunities
  • Disciplined setup with weekly cash flow review, monthly financial performance and budgeting

F&A BPO Solution for growing companies including PE, VC & FO portfolio entities

BPO - Finance as a Service